About us

Greennut Company was established by persons who grow pistachio for many years as a family business in Kerman province.

Kerman Province is located on the south-east of Iran where the most & the best world pistachio is produced. There is a city with the same name in California that is developed by Kermani people and this city is also the hub of pistachio production in the USA.

It is more than 80 years that our family has started developing pistachio orchards & producing pistachio as a whole producer in Kerman. We produce different varieties of well known pistachio like:.long, jumbo,round

We changed the traditional water irrigation system into a very efficient one & we use appropriate fertilizers based on every year soil & leaf analysis to improve our pistachio quality & quantity.

Our expert team of engineers is honored to use the biologic pest control methods to decrease the chemical pesticides as much as possible.

Our pistachio preparing unit is equipped with fully automatic machines that help us to peel, sort & dry pistachio nuts after harvesting & this is the reason why our pistachio have the world standard with regard to bacteria &aflatoxine.